Various - Fallen Angels

fin avril 2022

Release Notes
  • 33 1/3 rpm , 180g LP , made in EU
  • Use Back Jetone 25th Anniversary LP Cover without any 25th Anniversary wordings
  • LITA x Analog Dept. Exclusive
  • Glow in the Dark LP
  • fold up Poster
    A hidden gem in Wong Kar-wai’s filmography, Fallen Angels is often considered a follow-up to Chungking Express, with the two films complimenting each other in terms of story line and aesthetics. The story is set against the story of five angels, each leading an unusual life, where Wong attempted to dissect different emotional states of people in this city – obsession, isolation, rejection and solitude. The soundtrack, created by Wong’s long-time collaborators Roel A. Garcia and Frankie Chan have further expanded the psychedelic, melancholic moods of the visuals and gave the film sonical depth. This wonderful compilation of blues, ambient and 90s pop in the soundtrack pressed on Glow in the Dark vinyl is a great addition to the record collection of any movie fans.
LP, Album Glow in the Dark 119,00