Various - Nahma: A Gulf Symphony


New FLEE publication focused on Arabian Gulf's pearl divers, their culture through their soundscape, traditional songs & rhythms. Including archival recordings and reinterpretations by moderns electronic artists such as Joakim, Tomaga, Ben Bertrand, Conny Frischauf, Hieroglyphic Being .....

Available as 2LP, black vinyls & 2LP+258p book (English & Arabic text) bundle.

The pearls of the Gulf have stoked the imagination and desire of people around the world for centuries, their magnificence matched only by the courage of the divers who found them. This project aims to honor the memory of these valiant free-divers, their culture and their music by the means of a 2XLP compilation with undisclosed original recordings of pearl divers and inspired modern-day compositions by artists like Tomaga, YPY, Ben Betrand, Tarek Yamani or Hieroglyphic Being. Along with that record, a 258 pages long book in Arabic and English is available featuring contributions from regional experts and artists to contextualize the tremendously rich theme that is pearling and its music.

Tracklisting :

A1: Tomaga - Dub Divers A2: ZZMMYYHH - YPY A3: Kuzaliwa Upya - Hieroglyphic Being A4: Hilal - Tarek Yamani A5: Vaguement (Haddadi) - Alan Strani B1: and the ashes of our burning souls will fly away - Ben Bertrand B2: Schein davon - Conny Frischauf B3: Sitt-il Muhanna - Aya Metwalli B4: Zumayyah (remix) - Joakim C1: Yā Mal (Midaf ) - Poul Rovsing Olsen (archive) C2: Zumayyah - Poul Rovsing Olsen (archive) C3: Haddadi - Poul Rovsing Olsen (archive) D1: Bahrï - Poul Rovsing Olsen (archive)
2xLp, Album 35,00
Joakim, Ben Bertrand, Tomaga, YPY, Conny Frischauf, Hieroglyphic Being…

2xLP, Album + Book 59,00
Joakim, Ben Bertrand, Tomaga, YPY, Conny Frischauf, Hieroglyphic Being…