Various - Psychedelic Rock

Mi-Novembre 2020

Born during the revolutionary and musically-rich ‘60s, psychedelic rock provided a platform for British and American musicians to experiment not only with hallucinogenic drugs, but also with new sounds that included elaborate studio effects, non-western instruments -such as sitar an tabla-, disjunctive song structures and surreal and esoterically-inspired lyrics. Psychedelic rock: a trip down the era of experimental rock music is 2xlp compilation that showcases the work of some of the genre’s most prominent artists and many of the essential tracks from that era. Arthur Brown, the Spencer Davis Group, The Deviants, Sun Dial and Plasticland are only a few of the performers included in this definitive collection of the genre, now available on vinyl format. With fantastic artwork and remastered sound, Psychedelic Rock: a trip down the era of experimental rock music is a fundamental addition to your rock music collection. And remember that it is not available on streaming platforms!

lp 23,50
Limited Transpararent Orange & Blue Vinyl

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