Various - Reiten Presents Enso 2020


500 copies limited. Special remarks : 2LP Gatefold 2LP Vinyl Genre: Avant-Garde, Experimental, Electro Acoustic, IDM, Techno, Ambient, Drone Tracklisting: A1. Kosei Fukuda - ?? - ENSo (4:18) A2. Uchi - Zro (6:42) A3. YPY - Circulation (6:44) B1. Recent Arts - My Default Emotion (5:43) B2. Renick Bell - Organize And Unite (4:09) B3. MA + Kosei Fukuda - ????(????)- ENSo no MA (FURUTSUKI) (1:30) B4. YvesDeMey - The Chosen Home (6:11) C1. Tobias. - He Turned Into Him (5:52) C2. Katsunori Sawa - The Stonewall (5:21) C3. Yuji Kondo - Zenith (6:09) D1. Rabih Beaini - Circle (8:03) D2. ENA - 42.1 (4:36) D3. Lemna - Moments In Eternal Recurrence (5:00) Short Info: Japanese sound artist and producer Kosei Fukuda’s presents a collaborated vision of the first edition of ENSo¯, a two-day audio-visual event collated around the REITEN label. The ENSo¯ Festival invites its artists and audiences alike to appreciate the merging of the improvisational, with the contemplation of rhythmic cycles, based around the conception of enso¯ – ?? – meaning a hand-drawn circle created by one uninterrupted stroke. Now, with an elongated stretch of time in front of us before the next edition of the festival, the compilation stands to provide a sustained glimpse into the world imagined by Fukuda. Blending spontaneity and gravity alike, the record features an array of idiosyncratic artists set to play ENSo¯, all purveyors of their own shaped sound-worlds. For the A-side, we have Fukada’s own contribution ‘?? – ENSo¯’; a slice of ambient techno dotted somewhere within a faraway galaxy. Venezuelan noise artist UCHI crafts a fourth-world hymn with tribal percussion on the expansive ‘ZRO’, and Osaka based experimentalist YPY aka Korshiro Hino shapes an elusive polyrhythmic ambience on ‘Circulation’. The B-side presents a colossal improvisational track ‘My Default Emotion’ from Berlin based duo Recent Arts. Formed of Chilean artist Valentina Berthelon and German musicia

2LP 35,00

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