Various - The Devil All The Time


ALBUM INCLUDES NEW MATERIAL BY POKEY LAFARGE, CLASSIC COUNTRY CUTS FROM FERLIN HUSKY, JIMMIE RODGERS, SONNY JAMES, SKEETER DAVIS, BILLY WALKER AND OTHERS PLUS ORIGINAL SCORE Devil All The Time (Music From Netflix Film) / Various - The Devil All The Time producer and music supervisor Randall Poster commented, “Music helps define these characters and an urgent reality. In this film, music is an effective counterpoint to some of the more suspenseful moments. I love country music and am always excited to ‘step on the gravel road’ and use it when I can. I’m glad Pokey got the part and his ‘Banks of The Ohio’ reinforces the film’s geography. We thought about how to use music to help people understand that we are traveling from 1946 to 1965 in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s self-conscious and doesn’t jump out at the viewer. Music is an organic part of the film, used to set time and place and to capture the spiritual ground of it.”

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Music From The Netflix Film