VULFPECK - The Joy of Music, The Job of Real Estate

SORTIE décalée à AVRIL 2021

FIRST PRESSING /// 33 RPM /// 180G

SIDE A Bach Vision Test 3 on E (feat. Antwaun Stanley) Test Drive (Instrumental) Radio Shack LAX (feat. Joey Dosik) SIDE B Poinciana Eddie Buzzsaw Something (feat. Bernard Purdie) Santa Baby yet to be purchased !¡!¡!¡! Historic release !¡!¡!¡! ... have you heard the new Vulfpeck ... !¡!¡!¡! Vulfpeck first pressings are RARE !¡!¡!¡! ... includes smash hits .... !¡!¡!¡! im buying MULTIPLE because i am able !¡!¡!¡! ... classic red spine ...
lp 39,00
First Pressing

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