YASUHA - Transit

Juillet 2022

Side A 1.Koi 1/2 2.Morning Date 3.Arikitari na Sujigaki 4.Bye-Bye-Lover 5.Kuchu Buranko Side B 1.LOVE MAGIC 2.Friday Chinatown 3.Midnight Train 4.Alice no Restaurant 5.Remember Summertime Yasuha's first album, released two months after her 1981 debut single 'Friday Chinatown'. The first album by Yasuha, who has created a new stir in the CITY POP movement, with 2000 young people in Los Angeles singing 'Friday Chinatown' at a club, is now being reissued on analogue vinyl! All songs were composed by Yasuha herself and backed by Tatsuo Hayashi, Nobu Saito, Tsuyoshi Kon, Fujimaru Yoshino and others. A CITY POP masterpiece with a total of 10 tracks, including the signature track 'Friday Chinatown', the urban disco anthem 'Bye-Bye-Lover' and the excellent ballad 'Remember Summertime'. Composed by Yasuha Lyrics: Toyohisa Araki, Junko Yamao Arranged by Kaname Inoue, Megumi Wakakusa and Tatsumi Yano.

Album, LP, Vinyle 45,00

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