Artiste: An Pierlé

Wiga Waga

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Date de disponibilité: 1 janvier 2021


SORTIE 19/02/2021

Hot on the heels of solo concerts to commemorate the 20th birthday of her debut album Mud Stories, An Pierle returns with a brand new Quartet album that proves that looking back was no retro exercise. Together with life/musical partner Koen Gisen and jazz youngsters Hendrik Lasure & Casper Van De Velde (schntzl, warm bad, Bombataz,…) she now presents Wiga Waga, an adventurous new album that juggles playfulness and experimentalism.The songs sound familiar and bear the Pierle mark, even though they uncover hereto unexplored territory. Inspired by a newly-found enthusiasm and inquisitive spirit, the musicians came up with a batch of songs that revisit familiar themes and atmospheres, but dress them up with an invigorating eclecticism. Working as a real ‘band’, the quartet sets out for a new, collective identity. It is not jazz in the classic sense, but it contains the imagination, freedom and constant renewal of the genre, and it works like a charm.