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Album, LP, Vinyle, White

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fin avril 2022 => sortie décalée à fin aout 2022

An all new edition, complete with alternate cover art, the complete track listing, and Premium Clouds Edition colored vinyl.
Clouds is a 27 track instrumental project from Detroit producer Apollo Brown (The Reset, Brown Study, Gas Mask). While most have come to know Apollo’s production for its smash mouth, head nodding, grime, Clouds reveals another aspect of his production ability. This complex, mello instrumental album is ideal on a winter afternoon, or as a nightcap to the day. Each track is hypnotic and imaginative. Clouds is a 50 minute instrumental ride, a backdrop for reflection.
For some, clouds come to mind when pondering over the definition of being lost in thought. Formed in different sizes, shapes, and colors, set high in the sky or hanging low at arms reach, clouds seem to stir up a type of calm that we all need at times. This album is a collection of instrumentals put together to do just that. Whether to meditate on a certain mood within, or to accompany heavy reflection, Clouds puts forth music to provoke thought.
01. Sound of Guns
02. Blue Ruby
03. Never In a Million Years
04. Balance
05. The Eleventh Hour
06. Wisdom
07. Black Pearls
08. Shoot the Heart
09. Push
10. One Chance
11. Human Existence
12. Know The Time
13. Heirloom
01. Seed of Memory
02. The Sky Is Falling
03. Just Walk
04. Shadows of Grief
05. Time Passed Autumn
06. Choices
07. Father & Son
08. A Conscious Breath
09. Drinking Life
10. Imagination
11. Tao Te Ching
12. Heart of Glass
13. The Baghdad Sun
14. A Day’s End

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