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Artiste: Asagaya Romantics

Otona gensou

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Date de disponibilité: 15 mai 2023



Asagaya Romantics is a five-member group consisting of Tomoe Arisaka (vocals), Tomoya Kishi (guitar), Satoshi Hori (keyboards), Rie Furuya (drums), and Rei Honma (bass). Elements of Caribbean music such as rocksteady and reggae have been incorporated into Japanese pop music to make this incredible record. The long-awaited analog release of Asagaya Romantics’ 3rd album “Otona Genso” for the first time in three and a half years has finally arrived!

Includes 10 songs full of lyrical pop songs, including the popular track “Solitary”. With drum tech Affee Takahashi of TAMTAM and Ryotaro Miyasaka, who is also active in Yuta Orisaka (ensemble), on percussion, this album expands the range of sounds. Ikegami Yoriyuki, an illustrator who participated in the character design of director Mamoru Hosoda’s “Princess of Dragons and Freckles”, creating the beautiful artwork for this album.

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