Artiste: Erik Tagg

Rendez Vous

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2xVinyle, Album, Clear, LP

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Date de disponibilité: 1 janvier 2021


fin janvier 2022

Release Notes
  • Japanese OBI strip
  • Limited pressing
  • Newly digital remastering

    Along with other reissues for The Ultimates, The Topics and Ricardo Marrero, P-VINE has been steadily reissuing the hard-to-find funk and soul gems on the short-lived 70s label TSG, and this latest reissue for Spice’s 1976 record Let There Be Spice is of no exception and is packed with seasoned heat. It’s a record that complements and blurs the lines of soul, funk and disco, and was once so rare that not even the band knew of its existence. Only in recent times have we been able to put together a picture of a group growing up in The Bronx with the burning desire to perform and light up the stage.

    Tracks like “Everything Is You”, “Don’t Fight It” and “Fool In Love” are glorious examples of the heavenly soul sound the group construct with harmonizing waves of soothing vocals dancing together with warm string sections. “Happy Music” and the following “Do It Nice” up the tempo and show off another side to their sound as the songs twist and turn through proggy synthesizer solos and funk guitar rhythms. P-VINE can’t wait to deliver this exciting release and keep the fire burning strong for this exceptional album.

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