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SORTIE OFFICIELLE LE 7 FEVRIER 2020 =>  / décalée à mi juillet 2020

“Once upon a time, in Athens, there was a band.
It all began in the fall of 2014 when friends and frequent collaborators, Aristomenis Theodoropoulos and Valisia Odell started experimenting on ideas for some songs using a basic setup of an MS-10 synthesizer and an MPC-1000 sampler, but something was missing.
This is when Vasilis Ntzounis joined the band, contributing the guitar sounds and giving their sound its first definite form.
By the April of 2015 the band presented their first single “17” to the audience, inspired by the Kenzaburo Oe book of the same name· and their first attempt to capture the mood of the period.
The months that followed were especially productive, with many new songs, gigs and plans for the future.
But something was still missing.
On June 2015, Nikolas Baskozos joined the band and with him followed the more traditional instruments and a “local” approach to the, up to that point, more Western sound.
On December 2015, after a gig with the band Bazooka,the band decided to take a short break from the live performances in order to work on their first album. Little did they know that would be their last gig.
First, Valisia left the band, a presence and a voice that was hard to replace, something that meant that the band had to start from the beginning.
At that point, Aristomenis Theodopoulos, took over the vocals and N. Baskozos’ influence and persistence, made their first attempt of using Greek lyrics.
As the record evolved, so did the lives of the members of the band, and like that 3 weeks passed, then 3 months and then 3 years. The fruit of this period is “Almanak”, the first and only album by Father Breath.
“Almanak” is an album where half of the songs are in Greek and half are in English, it is an abstract narration of a survival journey – from the East to the West – an attempt to document the period of its recording, as well as the story of a small band with big plans that, somehow, got lost in them.”

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