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Jake Sherman Gets Sexy

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“From hot harmonies to laid-back rhythms…a romantic throwback to the heyday of America’s R&B vocal groups.” – The Deli Magazine
Here we are again, voyeurs into Jake’s private moments. While earnest piano-driven numbers like “Isabelle” and “Maureen” are in the vein of his earlier releases, the meat of Gets Sexy is more reminiscent of 80’s R&B than any of the artist’s prior efforts. Throbbing slow jams like album anchors “Midnight Escapade” and “Me” pull as much from Dick Griffey’s handbook as from the producer palette of early Babyface, while “Help Somebody” and “Dig Deeper” rely more on the cunning of their lyricist to bring the listener to the precipice of satisfaction.  The common thread here is the steady, measured motion of his ocean, and the earnest course of his boat – regardless of its size.Jake’s Bio
Born in Boston, JAKE SHERMAN learned classical piano by listening to his father play Bach every morning. If not for an intervention – stumbling upon the catalog of Weird Al Yankovic at 11 years old – he would have followed in his father’s path or perhaps become a jazz purist.  But Weird Al changed everything.   Jake started a parody band and sang his newly-written lyrics to classics like “All Star” by Smashmouth and “Men in Black” by Will Smith, along with composing new family classics such as “Amy, You’re Turning 49” and “Charles, Charles Sherman.”
Fast forward some years beyond his time studying at Berklee College of Music and it’s clear Jake has found a way to combine his appreciation of great songwriting with his piano/organ-playing prowess.   He has become a go-to musician on recordings, and tours for artists including Meshell Ndegeocello, Bilal, Emily King, Blood Orange, Benny Sings, Doyle Bramhall II, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Andrew Bird and Nick Hakim.  Everything from gospel heavyweight Doobie Powell’s “Close to You” to Chance the Rapper’s Grammy-winning song “No Problem” includes Jake’s work.
More recently, while based in Brooklyn, Jake has re-tapped his well of musicality and songmaking to create his upcoming album, Jake Sherman Gets Sexy.  Due March 2020, the album is a journey through modern dating and relationships, with a point of view that is somehow both poignant and Weird Al-esque.

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