Artiste: Jiro Inagaki, Soul Media

In The Groove

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Since its formation in 1969, Soul Media had been advocating a fusion of jazz and rock. The next step along that line was this album, “In the Groove,” recorded in 1973.

The sharpness of jazz is brought to the forefront, with rock melting in to give it an edge, and funk injected to imbue it with power and resilience.

The result was a strong, sophisticated, and simply “cool music” that could not be categorized within existing genres such as jazz rock, jazz funk, or fusion.

This work is also described as a response to The Crusaders, a group that Jiro Inagaki was paying attention to at the time.

His aim was right on target. With this album, Soul Media acquired a “sophisticated black feeling” and headed for their final destination, “Funky Stuff.

Text by Yusuke Ogawa (Universounds)

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