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Emerald Four

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mi mai 2022

Kyoto-based music group Emerlad Four’s new album has been released on LP. It is a spiritual and pop sound influenced by Yumi Arai, Haruomi Hosono, and Tatsuro Yamashita. The band consists of 5 members: Vocal – Paru (ZOU NO SHI), Guitar – Daisuke Adachi, Bass – Kei Ariizumi (not performing today), Keyboard – Haiji and Drummer – Keiki Takeda (ex.Valley Boys). All the songs were recorded at home and the drums were recorded at a closed live house (Nishiin Negapositive) in Corona. The theme of “Bokura no Fai” is “Shinju” (heartache), and the song is about feeling uncomfortable and uncomfortable in this world, and the meaning of life. The music drifts through the sea of time like the theme song of an old film being revived in a cinema of the future. Emerlad Four’s new album is a masterpiece that you will want to listen to on repeat forever.

Mastering by Kosuke Nakamura, who has worked with Yuta Orizaka, Uchu Nekoko and others. The album jacket is by an illustrator, Shingo-kun, who works for various media such as magazine “POPEYE”, books, picture books and TV. The profile illustration was done by musician and illustrator, Tensin-kun.

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