Artiste: William Orbit

The Painter

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ಠ‿ಠ SORTIE 26/08/2022 ಠ‿ಠ

William Orbit will release ‘The Painter’, his first album in over eight years, this summer. 

Preceded by the single Colours Colliding (with Polly Scattergood), the LP is the musician’s follow up to his 2014 self-released ‘Orbit Symphonic’.

Bringing together his quintessential and distinctive electro pop production and songwriting, the LP features a plethora of vocal talent, including previous collaborators Katie Melua and Beth Orton.

“I had been away from music making for some years, holed up in a beach town in California, painting, and writing about my life and reflecting on general observations,” says William.

“Then, back in London, inspiration struck with a vengeance. I was feeling the same spirit as I had in the mid ‘90s.”

He adds: “It was a blessing to have the exquisite contributions from the artists who appear on the album. And a thrill to explore new technologies.

“It is one of my very best, with the difference being gaining an understanding of a totally new landscape of means to present it to people’s ears”

In the wake of the pandemic, he’s determined to make the album heard, declaring: “I want people to hear this. I’m going to do some amazing versions of the songs, and I’m going to tour it. I’ll work this album really hard!

“And then, after all this, I’ll go and produce for other artists again and become a pop tart. Because… I like making music again!”